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國際香薰整全護療學會, International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy

國 際 香 薰 整 全 護 療 學 會

International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy

Elderly Aromatherapy Therapy Research Sharing Session


"According to Scientific Research 🧠-Aromatherapy can help the elderly to improve their mind and body"

"PolyU" from November 2018 to September this year, together with "Po Leung Kuk", a total of 16 residential care homes and day centres for the elderly, recruiting 100 patients with "chronic pain" and 112 "cognition" The elderly with the Disorders conducted a randomized controlled trial of aromatherapy to understand the effects of "Aroma Carer Touch Massage" and "Smell Absorption Treatment" on the elderly.

International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy, President Jessica Chan was awarded the "Aromatherapy Consultant" appointed by the Po Leung Kuk. From the beginning of planning, design, practice to release, they participated in the entire “Evidence Research on Aromatherapy for the Elderly” program.

It provides international professional "A" training for the "Po Leung Kuk" co-workers, unique aromatherapy touch massage techniques and exclusive aromatherapy compound oils. Also carefully and comprehensively designed and rigorously tested the pilot program process details and implementation, interlocking, meticulous!

This study is the first largest aromatherapy study in Hong Kong! The day care center and the residential care center of the Po Leung Kuk are used as research sites. At the same time, it has the largest number of participants in the current aromatherapy research in Hong Kong.
During the course of the study, the patients were regularly given care for 16 consecutive weeks, and Aroma Carer was performed twice a week for a total of 32 times.

The results of the study confirm that the society is most concerned about the two major problems of the elderly [long-term pain] and [cognitive disorders] have produced quite positive results, and the results are encouraging!

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