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國際香薰整全護療學會, International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy

國 際 香 薰 整 全 護 療 學 會

International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy

Local Information

Apple Daily(12/2018) –

Aromatherapy miraculous elderly relieve pain, Po Leung Kuk next year across the Aromatherapy.

Many elderly people are plagued by chronic pain or suffering from symptoms of dementia, and their mood and life are affected. A study conducted by Po Leung Kuk on PolyU found that two weekly aromatherapy treatments were performed for the elderly. After 16 weeks, the elderly experienced a significant improvement in the degree of pain and improved the anxiety and depression symptoms of the elderly with degenerative brain disease by 43%. Po Leung Kuk will expand its aromatherapy treatment service to all elderly services under its jurisdiction next year. It is expected to benefit 2,700 people a year.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital introduces aromatherapy to help adolescents

In 2011, Queen Elizabeth Hospital introduced aromatherapy to relieve the pain of childbirth. The usage rate increased from 1% at the beginning to 15% this year.According to hospital surveys, 80% of the women surveyed believe that aromatherapy can help relieve pain and back pain, and the pain level score dropped from an average of 7.95 to 5.5.Queen Elizabeth Hospital the operation manager of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2011, said that the aromatherapy was first used in the delivery hall corridor until the majority of colleagues accepted it. The 29 obstetricians and gynecologists have obtained the qualifications for aromatherapy and midwife. 60% of medical staff.Queen Elizabeth Hospital also introduced aromatherapy midwifery in prenatal lectures and hopes to promote it to other public hospitals.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Lavender is an effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease

Aromatherapy uses lavender essential oil as an intervention in the inflammatory behavior of Alzheimer's disease (cross-randomized trial). Exciting behavior in people with dementia makes patients and their caregivers sad. Since drug intervention may be a potential adverse effect, the use of adjutant therapy has become more popular and aromatherapy is the fastest growing. Aromatherapy treatments using lavender essential oils are effective in relieving irritability with Alzheimer's disease. While groups of patients are particularly susceptible to the side effects of psychotropic substances, the use of lavender essential oils as aromatherapy treatments gives patients another option.

Orange ginger aromatherapy soothes knee pain

Knee pain is a common pain in urban people, and it has made many elders difficult to move. A study involving 59 elderly people in Hong Kong found that using orange and ginger flavored aromatherapy oil to massage the knees can help relieve knee pain in the short term and improve knee mobility. In recent years, many studies have found that aromatherapy oil has a certain effect on the treatment of pain. PolyU's earlier research found that using lavender-flavored aromatherapy oil combined with acupuncture, eight treatments have been able to relieve neck pain for a short time.

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